How to repair your car yourself?

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If you want to save your car budget, know that there are different ways to repair your car . It is also possible to carry out certain interventions related to automobile maintenance and repair yourself… but not all!


Indeed, some repairs must be carried out by professionals because they are very complex and require in-depth technical knowledge .

What is the problem to fix?

Know where the breakdown comes from on your car

First of all, before you start repairing your car, you have to know where the breakdown is coming from !

It will not have escaped you that modern cars are more and more equipped with electronics . Electronic computers are everywhere in the car, whether in terms of passenger compartment comfort elements such as air conditioning or in terms of safety elements: ABS, Airbag, etc.

It will often be difficult for you to detect the fault without connecting a diagnostic case to your car’s OBD socket

Multi-brand diagnostic case: which one to choose for your car?

There are many models of diagnostic case , suitable for professionals and individuals.

When considering buying a device, the first question you should ask yourself is, “Why am I going to use it?


But, for example, if you want to diagnose a single car, or even several cars of the same brand, you can choose a manufacturer-specific case. However, one day you may change your vehicle or those around you need to carry out an automotive diagnosis. So choose the multi-brand suitcases directly.

Mechanical parts that you can repair yourself

If your car has broken down, you must first know whether the repairs to be carried out are easy , such as: engine oil change, changing an air filter, changing an oil filter, etc., or whether these involve working on safety components of the car such as the brakes for example.

In addition, depending on the repair to be made, the tools that are necessary are not necessarily within everyone’s reach ( lift for example ).

Where to buy parts to repair your car

For some repairs, you will need new parts to replace the defective parts. You can buy these parts both in garages, specialized stores or on the internet.

In order to significantly reduce costs, more and more motorists are buying second-hand car parts found on the Internet . Many platforms are specialized in the sale of used parts. Indeed, these online shops allow you to buy parts 50% cheaper than ordinary garages. From shocks and clutch kits to brake pads, you can get everything you need.

Generally, these parts are either manufactured by the brand itself (Renault, Citroën, Ford, BMW, etc.) or copied by independent manufacturers. To choose the parts you need, you don’t have to be an expert.


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