Car maintenance and cleaning: microfiber for a scratch-free result

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Sun, light, snow, cold, frost, pollution,… The  bodywork of your vehicles is attacked  every day. Cleaning the exterior of your car isn’t just a fad of car enthusiasts; it is essential to take a minimum care of it in order to avoid ending up with matt paint and faded colors. Different car washing techniques  exist but they are not all necessarily ecological, economical and safe for the car like a  microfiber cloth …

Microfiber to clean a car without water

There are of course these automatic cleaning cabins, also known as ”  car wash  “. Practical and fast, it is the technique that requires the least effort… But it is also the most risky! Indeed, the synthetic filaments of the huge brushes  cause micro-scratches  on the entire surface of your car. By dint of using this service, you will end up with a vehicle that is certainly clean, but totally scratched. And once the layer of varnish is scratched, the sheet  will lose all its shine . This is all the more true as the various rollers and scrapers store the particles collected on the preceding vehicles. Driven and rubbed by the rotating machines on your bodywork, they will inevitably scratch it.

Manual vehicle washing: the best solution to preserve it

High  -pressure washing does not normally scratch metal. Nevertheless, the water projected violently on one or the other chip of paint is likely to aggravate the defect. It is also an expensive solution and  not really ecological .

Therefore,  washing your car or motorcycle by hand  appears to be the best option. And if it is synonymous with chore for some, know that there is a solution that will greatly facilitate your task:  manual car and motorcycle washing products in microfiber .

Microfiber to shine the bodywork

No more multiple sponges, brushes, more or less soft cotton cloths or fake chamois skins. No more so-called special shampoos  , cleansers each reserved for a specific part,  window products  that attack the skin and the lungs. A  simple microfiber cloth  and you can polish your entire vehicle, from the trunk to the hood, from the rims to the windshield, from the dashboard to the rear windows, including the seats.

And when it comes to washing your car or motorcycle, microfiber has important advantages:

It is very  effective  in terms of cleaning, and this  on all types of dirt  : dust, mud, grease, fingerprints,…  Through different physical phenomena, it works like a magnet , picking up particles and retains. It therefore does not spread dirt and does not require strong pressure to remove every last trace. With microfiber, even your windows and mirrors are spotless .

Among its  many advantages, it is particularly gentle . It therefore does not risk scratching your bodywork. This is not necessarily the case with sponges and other often rough bits of fabric.

With a  microfiber cloth, there’s no need to add detergent or any chemicals . Its texture is sufficient on its own. Even  water becomes useless . If the sheet is really dirty, a small bucket to moisten it from time to time or rinse it guarantees an optimum result. Car cleaning is thus made ecological, whereas it is usually strongly  criticized for its high water consumption . In this sense, it is  also economical  : the purchase price of the microfiber material quickly pays for itself.

The special car ACTEX microfiber

Well aware of the characteristics of this specific use, the  microfiber brand  ACTEX  has provided  cloths specially designed for cleaning vehicles, whether cars, motorcycles, trucks or even quads . These are expressly resistant to be able to pass without worrying about corners and other sometimes slightly sharp automotive parts. There are two sizes: the  small (40 x 50 cm) auto microfiber for finishing  and the  large 80cm x 50cm microfiber vehicle cloth for  easier work on larger surfaces.

These two rags are available together at a  great price  in a car/motorcycle cleaning kit . Kit that you can optionally complete with a professional multi-purpose ABNET Pro degreaser for large tasks such as waste oil or tar projection. This product does not contain  any toxic component, is biodegradable and does not damage the bodywork . It also greatly reduces the static effect that covers your dashboard with dust.

To order all the necessary equipment to make your vehicle shine, do not hesitate to  contact  Aqua Clean Concept , distributor of microfiber for cars . Even for a simple information, we will help you with pleasure.


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